Levator ani syndrome

This anus-rectal syndrome is amongst the most enigmatic ones for the proctologists. The anus-rectal pain described as dull pain or discomfort that gets worse when you sit down and that could disappear if you stand up is known as Levator ani syndrome. The pain is also described as constant burning. Patients describe the sensation they feel like “sitting on a ball”. “.”.

Tratamiento del síndrome del elevador - Instituto Proctológico Dr. Padrón

The pain can extend to the gluteus too. During a physical exploration, the cause cannot usually be found. The pain can appear after a trauma, for example, after painful rectal exploration or childbirth. Long trips by car could cause this pain too, as well as gynaecologic and urologic operations. This problem is suffered more by women than by men. There may be psychological influence; this syndrome normally occurs to very ambitious or anxious people. Physical exploration is negative, except for occasional hypersensitivity in the levator muscle that is developed during the palpation. The palpation of the levator muscle can produce the pain too. This muscle is similar to a cord or a band, and it is often more sensitive on the left side than on the right side.

The cause of this disorder has not been identified, but it is related to the spasm of the levator muscle. The treatment begins with the elimination of the other causes of the anus-rectal pain.

Many patients calm down when they discover they don’t have cancer. According to our medical team experience, the best treatment is the traction of the anus levator muscle with the patient in genu-pectoral position.