The condyloma acuminatum is a venereal disease. It should be treated by a dermatologist.

In some cases, the dermatologist, after the basic treatment, sends the patient to the proctologist to proceed with its extirpation.

Normally, the best treatment is the destruction of the condyloma with the electric scalpel, known as electro-coagulation. If the condyloma is external (it is located in the borders of the anus), it can be treated at just one time. However, it could require some posterior operation to destroy it for good.

If the condyloma is intra-anal, it is more complicated to treat. It should be reviewed and re-operated more frequently to cure it for good.

Condylomas can be contagious, to oneself (extending to close areas), as well as to other people (especially with sexual relationships).

Tratamiento de Condilomas - Instituto Proctológico Doctor Padrón